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Advertising a Real Estate Agency: Building a Digital Presence in 2023

Advertising a Real Estate Agency: Building a Digital Presence in 2023

Advertising a real estate agency in 2023 demands that you do more than promote locally. People from across the world are buying property. Whether you sell homes in New York, Dubai or Dublin, you should know that 47% of buyers begin their search online.

If you want to market your real estate agency, you must have a digital presence.

How do you begin building a digital presence if you don’t have one already? That’s what we’re going to discuss in the guide below.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing and search engine optimization work together to help your agency show up in the search results and on social media. You can begin building your digital presence by:

  • Creating in-depth blog posts on questions that your local audience has, such as, “What to Look for in Homes in Arid Climates.”
  • Holding webinars where you educate potential buyers on how to secure financing for their homes.
  • Creating videos on YouTube and other platforms that show properties for sale or explain the buying or selling process.

Content creation is only one small step in content marketing. You also need to get your content in front of the right people, and this may mean guest posting, paid advertising, social media marketing and many other avenues.

You’ll also need to learn your audience’s pain points, create editorial calendars and promote the content assets that you publish.

If you market your real estate agency on social media, you must take a strategic approach to ensure that you’re leveraging each platform’s user base properly.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Over 4.7 billion people use some form of social media. If you want your real estate agency to get in front of over half the world’s population, it only makes sense to leverage the reach that these platforms offer.

A digital presence means spending time on social platforms to:

  • Publish
  • Engage
  • Connect

You can do all of this organically and with paid advertising in the mix. Facebook or Instagram advertising can help you build your digital presence faster. Our real estate marketing agency has helped others like you increase:

  • Page and profile reach by 210%
  • New fans and followers by 96.7%
phone with social media icons folder

phone with social media icons


A multi-pronged approach to digital marketing can help you build brand awareness and increase engagement and followers. Instagram and Facebook are perfect platforms for realtors and agencies to build a digital presence because:

  • Both platforms are highly visual, allowing you to post rich images and videos.
  • Facebook’s biggest age groups are 18 – 24, 25 – 34 and 35 – 44. These are the first-time home buyers many real estate agencies are trying to capture.
  • Instagram’s main age group is between 18 and 34.

Images and videos also perform exceptionally well compared to text posts, although you can add text for both images and videos on both platforms. If you want to boost your engagement on social platforms, rich visuals on these sites can certainly help.

Social media marketing for a real estate agency may include YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok and Twitter, too. A few things to keep in mind are that real estate buyers want to see properties and homes. Create appealing content that includes the likes of video tours or images that show every last detail of the property for sale.

Start with one platform before branching out to others when trying to build your digital presence.

What Types of Things Would a Real Estate Agency Post on Social Media?

A major sticking point for many agencies is knowing what to post. Social media is an art, and our real estate marketing agency has found great success with posting:

  • Property details
  • Price reductions
  • “Just sold” posts with new buyers
  • Virtual home tours
  • Steps in the buying or selling processes

You want to have posts that educate and inspire potential buyers. Think about the pain points of your ideal buyers and try to create content that touches on these issues.

We offer a full social media management solution that allows you to take a hands-free approach to building your presence on social media.

house for sale sign

house for sale sign

Pro Tip: Put Your Real Estate Agents to Work on Social Media

Your real estate agents can and should be part of your marketing team. While you don’t want to take them away from their listings, 90% of agents are already promoting listings on Facebook.

Be sure that your team promotes their listings on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

If you have high-end properties for sale, video content is king and can drive 1,200% more shares than just image and text combined.

Email Marketing for Real Estate Agencies

Attracting followers to your social media accounts and driving organic traffic to your website are just the start of building your digital presence. You must actively engage with the people who follow you and traffic your site.

Email marketing can help.

You can build trust and your brand by creating an email list of potential buyers to whom you send email sequences and promote new listings to via email. For example, you may:

  • Create an eBook discussing the local housing market
  • Ask for people to subscribe to your list to get the eBook
  • Continue educating the subscriber through a series of email

Local email lists may offer advertising options. If you can purchase ad space or a mention in a local mailing list, it’s possible to build your digital presence further.

Of course, these are just a few things that you can do when trying to build your digital presence and market your real estate agency. You should also put all of your listings on the top listing sites, such as Zillow,, Trulia, Property Finder, Bayut and Emirates.Estate.

If you have a video editor that you work with, adding virtual listings on YouTube, Facebook, your website and other platforms is also recommended.

Over time, you’ll build your digital presence and have an easier time connecting with buyers and sellers who are looking for a real estate agency to represent them.

Want to spend more time selling real estate and less time building your digital presence?

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