Case Study

Specialist Supplier of Non Destructive Testing Equipment, Accessories, Consumables.


GNDT sees a 149900% increase in page clicks with Supersafe Marketing's Social Media Marketing & Management Solutions.

The client

Operating since 2004, GNDT is by no means a new player in the Non-Destructive Testing (‘NDT’) market, taking pride in being ‘a NDT industry product, service, and support leader in the region’. Of course the branding update would have to reflect and consolidate this and be in line with their values and mission of being the go-to forward thinking and prominent player in a niche industry.

The goal

The goal of this marketing case study is to showcase the success of our client in the NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) industry through the implementation of an effective marketing strategy. The study will highlight the challenges faced by the client, the solutions provided by our marketing agency, and the results achieved in terms of increased brand awareness, lead generation, and sales growth. The goal is to demonstrate the value and impact of a comprehensive marketing approach for businesses operating in the NDT industry and to showcase our client as a leading player in this field.

Social Media Results

  • + 149900% increase in Linkedin page clicks
  • + 149900% increase in Linkedin post clicks
  • + 1000% Increase in Fans & Followers
  • + 134% increase in post impressions
  • + 29.8% increase in post reach
  • + 124% increase in facebook engagement rate
  • + 9.7% increase in linkedin engagement rate
  • + 18.1% increase in instagram engagement rate
  • + 63% increase in average engagement rate
  • + 33.8% increase in page & profile impressions

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Visual Updates

NDT Visual updates:

The GNDT branding project was implemented with the aim of improving online visibility and image.

The project involved a thorough analysis of the company’s existing brand identity, and subsequently identifying areas for improvement.

Outdated and non-cohesive visuals and a less than powerful image was what was holding GNDT back. The project team at Supersafe Marketing conducted an in-depth analysis, took full advantage of this opportunity and has subsequently completely re-designed GNDT’s visual identity, all while staying true to GNDT’s nature.

Supersafe Marketing’s creative team simultaneously took full advantage of the fact that GNDT has long been a respected member of the NDT community. The only thing missing was for GNDT to be seen as an industry leader.

Since the branding updates, GNDT has not only experienced some of their best quarters to date but is also rapidly receiving recognition for being an industry leader.


Branding & Visual Updates


The End Result Of NDT

Supersafe’s team of expert creatives has solidified GNDT’s image as a market leader while staying true to their nature. The branding updates introduced a simplified yet more vibrant and powerful appearance , bold visual updates across the board, along with consistent brand positioning and tone of voice for their messaging. Supersafe continues to manage GNDT’s social media platforms with outstanding results.

Visual updates will continue to be rolled out throughout the year, ensuring that GNDT’s image appropriately reflects their position as a go to provider of NDT solutions. With Supersafe Marketing it’s as simple as 123.

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